Is It Time To Upgrade Your Computer?

Technology moves fast, and so does life. That computer that feels like you purchased a few months ago could actually be 5 years old and reaching its maximum lifespan. Most people don’t know that computers are really only good for 5 years before it needs to be upgraded; either by replacing certain hardware or replacing the entire computer. Similar to how a new iPhone is released each year with the newest hardware and the older generations start to slow down. This is because apps are being made to support the new iPhone with the newest hardware. The same process happens with computers as each individual component is being improved every year with faster speeds, smaller sizes, more power, e.t.c. and if your computer is using hardware from 5 years ago just think about how much has changed since then! 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy an entirely new computer as a computer is made up of many different components and sometimes all you need is to add more RAM or replace the Hard Drive. Going this route will be cheaper up front but might only extend the life another year or so before needing another upgrade. Here at Trifecta IT Solutions we always have the customer in mind and understand budget is everything to a business owner, so we will always give the best solutions that fit your current needs as well as future ones. This means not trying to sell you on a brand-new computer when all you need is a bigger hard drive or more RAM. We will give you an honest evaluation of your computer and let you know how much it would cost to upgrade the hardware or purchase a new computer. 

Purchasing a new computer could result in a huge boost in productivity and reduce troubleshooting time. Depending on the business and the goals for using your computer you could be using the completely wrong configuration that doesn’t allow you to maximize the potential of your computer. For example, a graphic design artist needs a very powerful graphics card and CPU where an office manager might need bigger storage and more RAM. When doing our free business evaluations, we listen to the pain points you are having and create a custom solution that fits your business and the specific use of the computers. If the idea of having a computer that starts up in seconds, doesn’t freeze or lag, has plenty of storage, and is able to run all of your applications, sounds like a fantasy I promise you it is possible! 

Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your business where we can sit down with you and provide different solutions to optimize your computer and IT systems. 

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